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Fairly New Member, First Post!!

Hi all! I'm not tooooo new to this community, but I did feel that today would be a really great day to contribute!!

I serve as a secretary/cashier/other things for our city's Rec. Dept., and our office is at our Indoor Pool.

**ninja** Today's story is about the pool parking lot. Mods, please feel free to delteet this if it isn't quite on-topic....

Best parking lot drama ever.


Our lot is pretty big. Half of it is marked for our patron use, the rest is open. We have little warning slips for people and HS students who use our marked spots during pool hours. They WILL be towed after an hour.

It's really fun, because we're right across the way from the new HS building, and the parking lot for the new building is super-duper small and hard to navigate.

It's also really fun at 2 pm, because that's when afternoon adult lap gets out, and high school, too.


3 people parked in all of our handicapped spots. Called CSO Rogers out to the lot early, because none of these people would move for me.

School lets out. He's directing the traffic away from the entrance closest to out building. People are just going to the other side of the lot to pull in and wait for their kids. A guy in a dualie with a giant tow trailer pulls in, and blocks the second entrance, because people are trying to get out and in and he didn't make the turn right.

So CSO Rogers went to deal with that.

While he was on the other side of the lot, a guy in a maroon car pulls up, and parks in our emergency vehicle area. A BIG NO-NO.



And before I can go out to tell him, the phone rings, and I spen ten minutes on the line with a lady who is asking questions about our brochure (which is incredibly self-explanatory and easy to read, I made it that way...). So suddenly the guy is gone.

And CSO Rogers come in asking if I saw where the guy went.


So he goes to deal with another person backed into the handicapped spot around the corner of the building. He's arguing with them, and writes them a ticket. (the others before got citations.)

I'm trying to figure out if I should call Sandra (my boss) and let her know that the police may come and tow this guy's car and other things (statements and whatnot), when a little Amigo pulls up, the guy gets out and the Amigo drives off.

The guy walks over to his car, lugging a gallon of gas.

**dies laughing**

CSO Rogers walks over to make sure this is the guy who belongs to the car, and they joke.

Seriously. This is the best parking lot drama I've had in a while. Second only to the time Headstart sectioned off the other half of the lot for their Family Day celebration.
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I'ma leave it because that's pretty fricking hilarious.

The sidewalk by the lot to the pool where I used to work was one of those that didn't really have a curb, but more of a gentle slope up. Which means - you've guessed it! - people like to park on the sidewalk. -_-;;
That's exactly how it is around the corner of the building.

We've given it up, and so it's just the lot in front of the building that's sacred now...
I wouldn't call it drama, but I have a parking lot controversy the other day. I lifeguard at a pool, three days a week I open at 5.30 a.m., which means when I arrive it is still dark. We have five rows that run vertical to the building, I park in the furthest one to the right facing away from the building, but I usually park at the first space that I can grab. One morning, around 9 a.m., I walked out to my car to get something, and the executive director happens to be pulling around at the same time. He gives me the look of death, but says nothing. The next day, I'm in the bathroom doing my thing, and he walks in and starts giving me the business. In your typical Lumbergh boss voice, "I caught you parking in one of the good spots the other day." While I'm still peeing mind you! He then goes into this little shhiel about saving the good spaces for members. The guy already hates me, cuz I don't kiss his ass, and I'm "flippant", oh and I'm one written warning from being fired. So, I just yessed the guy to death. I told my supervisor, and she told me not to worry about it.

What gets me is that most of the other employees park in prime spaces, even better than the one I usually park in. Lumbergh parks in the farthest one from the door, of course, he's 9 to 5, so he doesn't have to worry about walking to his car in the dark when he's opening or closing. Blargh...

I can so totally imagine that situation with Lumbergh in the role...

Sorry to hear about that! We don't usually have that problem--as long as we're not parking in the handicapped spots, we're fine...