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First week at WP in retrospect

WP=W---- pool, where I have been working this past week. First of all, I just want to say what an awesome pool, and a really great opportunity I have to work there instead of CGP at this point. Great staff, which have been, in my impression, supportive and inclusive! So far, I've done most of the usual tasks, and generally felt successful. Of course there are aspects that require more time, learning and experience- like teaching and admission (cash/till duties, passes, phone PR etc.).
I'm really trying to be as positive as possible with this journey, but I definitly feel frustration with the teaching aspect of this job. there. thats out!
It's ironic, that of the 8 or so new guards hired for the city, the ones that got the teaching sets were the two of us who JUST certed our LSI's on Sept.09.
I'm still not sure why. Maybe to get us up to speed, that's what I'm guessing.
It's definitly stress though. I'm really thankful my "supervisor" co-teaches my first two classes with me. I should say for me. She does most my class. In a way, I really love it because it takes the weight off me for the whole four classes I have to teach. In another way, I don't get much time to reflect, or lead, and I'm feeling really self-conscious and doubting myself more for it.
So The first two classes, my most smallest swimmers (4) and my most "proficient" swimmers are taught by her with me tagging along- and then my last two classes- 2 or 3 girls in one class, and 6 in the other, are taught entirely by myself. My confidence peaked after the first day (I Lived!!) and really waned after the second (What the heck am I doing?!). I really felt choked, and don't want to complain too much, but instead show a "stong" face- but I wish I knew more and performed better honestly.
And it's a little weird having all the parents staring at me while i mess up.
Yeah, anyways.
I need to straighten my ducks up and get them ready for another show next week, starting monday. I'm definitly not 100% healthy which adds injury to insult, on top of that I still have parental obligations so when I'm not working I'm still working. Transitions. Gah. OK. Whine over.
Wacky wednesday was a complete blast. And the ray of sunshine was that one of my little girls (from lessons) gave me the sweetest look of adoration, like look at me, I'm swimming like a mermaid like you showed us today!
That, in a word, ROCKED >^.^
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