Web/Catbirdgirl/Robin (catbirdgirl) wrote in pool_ninjas,


ok, today I have started teaching water aerobics 2x a day on Tues and Thurs. 1x a day

3 questions. even with showers with nice soap, I still stink of chlorine. How to prevent this?

Also, can anyone recommend a relatively non-stinky waterproof sunscreen to anoint my pasty bod with? Do you recommend the spray stuff, or the lotion, or what? The second pool is an outdoor one. No burny for me, please.

Also, my swimsuits keep biting the dust. Yeah, one was old. The other was cheap. However, I do need another one. I'm a plus sized gal. What brands wear well for daily wear? And where to purchase? Cause I am down to 1 good suit, 1 biting the dust but still wearable, 1 starting to die.
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