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Monday, October 26th, 2009
3:39 pm
just a question
well i used to swim in high school and recently graduated. i havent swam since november, and im thinking of starting back up again just to keep in shape. i just dont know what kind of workout i should do. im pretty sure i cant handle anything over 150, but still i dont know what i should do as far as workouts. so any suggestions are appreciated...thank you :D
Friday, October 16th, 2009
9:34 pm
chlorine resistant swimsuits?
my swimsuits keep biting the dust. I even bought a speedo, but that's starting to have the elastic die. Can anyone tell me about chlorine-resistant swimsuits? are they hype or real?
Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
4:52 pm
question for health foody swimmers
A friend of mine says, since I am in a pool 7 hrs a week, that I will need to take pro-biotics because the chlorine gets in through your skin and kills intestinal flora. Is that true, and should I be purchasing probiotics, or no?
Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
4:19 pm
dumb swimsuits
My swimsuits bite the dust rather fast. Why do they not have a way of making durable swimsuits? I've had to pitch one this summer, one's about to die, and even my "good one" is starting to show wear.

Any suggestions as to brands that are good and not horridly expensive, that go up to size 16-18?
Monday, July 6th, 2009
6:59 pm
ok, today I have started teaching water aerobics 2x a day on Tues and Thurs. 1x a day

3 questions. even with showers with nice soap, I still stink of chlorine. How to prevent this?

Also, can anyone recommend a relatively non-stinky waterproof sunscreen to anoint my pasty bod with? Do you recommend the spray stuff, or the lotion, or what? The second pool is an outdoor one. No burny for me, please.

Also, my swimsuits keep biting the dust. Yeah, one was old. The other was cheap. However, I do need another one. I'm a plus sized gal. What brands wear well for daily wear? And where to purchase? Cause I am down to 1 good suit, 1 biting the dust but still wearable, 1 starting to die.
Monday, June 22nd, 2009
5:25 pm
discount shopping for water dumbbells?
but I teach water aerobics, and am adding a new class. and they have NO equipment. So I really want water dumbbells for my class but I can only find ones that cost 20 or more per pair. Can anyone suggest a cheap place to find them?
Friday, May 8th, 2009
12:40 am
is this still active?
I just started teaching water aerobics here in Delaware....

any suggestions for how to get students? brand new pool, no money for promo.

also, I just started a new community called waterfitness because I didn't know about this one.

if you teach or take water aerobics, come join the community, please?
Monday, February 12th, 2007
4:49 am
New Lifeguarding Standards
This post is a response to the recent posting by rainbowofblood(link to follow) in the Lifeguarding community.

Apparently my response was too long... (sorry)

I am a veteran Ellis pool & waterpark lifeguard, Aquatic Rescue Professional, as well as YMCA, and all four (Canadian division) of the Royal Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard Service Awards.

I spent years working in the states, and on resorts and cruise lines owned in the states where we were required to be certified in the US system. In the years that I worked there and of the hundred or so guards I worked with I can recall only two who were Americans trained only in the US systems, and they didn't last long.

We were all certified on paper as Ellis, but when the shit hit the fan we were using LS (That is "Lifesaving Society", or "Royal Life Saving Society") training. Bottom line: The American Lifeguard training systems stink, The guards tend to be trained in a minimum amount of time, and focused on one narrow set of techniques. So when things get dicey, or don't fit into that neat (and small) box of techniques they tend to freeze up, and then people tend to die. This has led so-called "experts" in CPR and aquatic rescue to conclude that the standards were too hard, and that they should be made easier.

This is a sad state.

The standards should not be made easier. You as a guard should be trained to perform at the level of a professional, and not disrespected for what you do by being treated like a moron with a lot of standards that are supposed to be simpler, often at the expense of your patient.

The people in charge are too involved with liability, and saving money on training and salary costs. (After all if you can get trained in a weekend then you are cheap, easily replaceable, and they can pay you less.) This is a sad state because Lifeguarding is a noble profession too often kicked around by people who have no clue what it is really about... including the so called "experts" I was speaking of in a previous paragraph.

Here is an example of a decent training schedule, take a look:


If you want to learn to be a crack guard, ready to handle whatever is thrown at you, go take a LS course, or a training camp. (The HR people at Disney know this because their first priority for hiring guards is from Canada, the UK, and Australia.)

The only redeeming aspect of the US systems, that I believe is lacking in others is the Audits. Yes, we all hate them, and I mean HATE!!! (nobody likes to be wet, or feel tricked.) However, I have worked with guards under the LS system who may be well trained but they don't do there jobs because they are lazy or complacent or both. I knew some pretty poorly trained guards down in the states and the Bahamas under Ellis, but you can bet they are paying attention, and at the end of the day if you weren't paying attention... why the hell did you come to work anyway?! So kudos to you guys there.

Now on to the standards.

This is dumb... most of the standard changes are designed to make it simpler, and not out of any really good medical or scientific reason, they just assume you are dumb, and as a lifesaving instructor I have found some of these "dumbing down" methods to actually complicate matters for my students.

1)..back blows (Assuming your patient is standing and unsupported, as most choking victims end up before they crash to the ground like a ton of bricks.) are just plain retarded and I think we can all see why.

2) do what works for YOU and your team doing deep water spinals, if you don't like the tubes, FUCK EM! guard tubes are a tool nothing more, don't be focused on the "correct" way to use the tool, it's for your safety, and if it is in your way, or not working, get rid of it and use another tool.

3) Tying legs together does provide some stabilization, and it is simpler than splinting with real splints... but realistically you will not be transporting your victim anywhere anyway, the ambulance guys do that so it is a waste of your time as they are going to cut your ties off as soon as they arrive. Don't get focused on splinting and neglect the lifesaving priorities. (ABC's)

4)The chest compressions instead of J-thrusts on an obstructed unconscious patient was due to the assertion that you as a rescuer are not smart enough to keep the difference between obstructed airway procedure and CPR straight in your mind. This is the most insulting thing in the new standards. (I find teaching this way has made my trainees way WAY MORE confused, and not less. They don't remeber to sweep when an obstruction is cleared, they do hook and look during CPR, or not at all during obstruction scenarios... I think this one is going to bite someone in the ass when they kill someone forgetting to clear the obstruction, or crack three ribs when a J-thrust would have sufficed.) Good luck with that one.

5) The 30 compressions are the only real scientifically backed change in the standards. Research showed that 15 was about the number of compressions to get all of the blood in the body oxygenated. When the attandent stopped compressions to give breaths, the body cells immediately drained all of the o2 from the blood, and overloaded it with waste products, co2, and lactic acid, both maintaining a state of near cyanosis in the body and raising the blood Ph levels dangerously high. This rise in Co2 and acidity was increasing brain damage in patients that survived. So, in doubling the compressions they found the Co2 and Ph levels in the blood were more normal, and the o2 level was almost unchanged, therefore brain damage goes down, survival goes up, thus the rationale for the change.

Good Change I think.

Current Mood: aggravated
Saturday, November 4th, 2006
9:03 pm
Dear patrons,

Stop pooping in my pool.
Monday, September 25th, 2006
4:34 pm
A Day in The Lifeguard Life
9:00 Jason wakes up to that tacky disco alarm that drives his girlfriend so batty.

Jay is unhappy.

9:01 Without opening his eyes he feels around for his phone, soon batty noise will be stopped... soon he will have peace.

9:02 He hits the first button his finger touches.... blissful silence...

silence.... ahhhhh
Jay is happy again.

9:12 Jason is irritated as it seems the noise came back just like the cat in that dam song.
Jay is unhappy.

...If Jason were the owner of the devil cat he would just leave it out behind the Happy Fortune Chinese restaurant a couple of blocks down. He always sees posters for missing pets around it...
Jason figures the only way that cat could come back would be if he ordered for delivery wonton soup.

9:13 This crazy cartoony thought pulls Jason slightly from his lethargy.

9:15 Jay shuts off the alarm and still in that half awake sleepy fog that threatens to pull him back into the blissful darkness of slumber he presses speed dial for Kits tower.

9:16 ...busy


9:17 ...busy


9:18 ...busy


9:19 ...busy


9:20 ...busy

9:21 again... click... buzz... "Kits Tower"
Jason does not open his eyes, which can be dangerous because Jason has been known to have entire telephone conversations in his sleep.
"Hello it's Jason"
"Hang on a second Jason"

In the ensuing wait Jay feels the tendrils of sleep like gentle silk scarves wrapping around him, like the caress of a lover slowly taking him.

Jay wants to go with happy-sleepy-love.

9:24 "Locarno beach 11:30"... click
"Have a nice day to you guys too" Jay mutters into the dead line.

Jay does not want to get out of bed, he thinks it will be cold out there.
Jay is feeling grumpy... Jay is not a morning person.

But Jay is happy. He likes Locarno beach. He used to run the Junior lifeguard program from the guard shack there a couple of years ago. Quieter than some of the other locations they could have sent him, like English Bay or Second beach.

Jay likes the characters that work there. The head guard Craig Jacks and his brother Terry Jacks wrote the Beach Boys song "We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun" and apparently they still get like fortythousand US dollars a year from royalties each. The second guard Randy Minor is an amateur stand up comic, owns a huge private Dj service, and got married by Elvis in Vegas.

Jay likes anyone that is still married that got married by Elvis.

9:30 Jay scarfs down a bowl of raisn bran (that tastes somewhat stale) that Lorena's mom insisted on giving him. (So he can only conclude it was bought when Lorena was still in highschool and it spent a few uneventful years in the bomb shelter basement of hers before her mom re-discovered it and decided Jay could use it.) He tops it off with a cup of coffee in his CUPE#17 cup that he took from the Richmond union because they never do anything for him except take his money, and then screw him.

The irony amuses Jay.

10:00 Jay is stressed running around looking for a uniform that he seems to have forgotten was unceremoniously discarded on the bathroom floor the evening prior as as he headed for the shower.

10:10 Jay locates his shorts and stuffs them into his pack and then goes on a quest for the bike lock.

10:30 Jay leaves his apartment and goes out onto the sidewalk. It is already 27 degrees.

10:31 Jay is happy. He takes off his shirt and puts on his helmet.

10:41 Jay arrives at Main and Broadway and jumps on the 99 B-line where he puts the bike on the rack, and rides to Sasamat St. The female bus driver looks at him like a piece of meat.
Jason likes this.

10:45 There are lots of young female students on the bus. Jay is happy. They look at Jay's lack of shirt-ness. There are also a gaggle of scrawny chinese guys in suits. They are sweating... Jay pitys them.

10:55 James calls to chat with Jay, James got second beach pool, he will probably have to do three pullouts today. Jay tells James he got Locarno. Jay will probably have three BBQ meals and and a nice lax afternoon. James calls jay a bastard.
Jason likes this.

11:00 Jay gets off the bus and thanks the driver.

11:05 Jay goes into one of his favorite coffee shops on Alma and forth. The tall redhead girl at the counter sises him up. Jay thinks it is because she is going to bitch at him for not wearing his shirt in her shop.

11:06 The redhead apparently recognizes him from when they both worked at Whistler. Jay is happy. She gives him her number and they talk about their old friend who they used to call "Space Coyote".

11:10 Jay say's he'll call. He is lying, Jason is a good boy. He thinks about Lorena yelling at kids in kyaks for a while, this makes him smile. Lorena is fierce.

11:20 Jay arrives at Locarno beach guard station. Craig is pouring him a cup of coffee. This makes jason very happy, Craig is Jay's new best friend. The red light is still on indicating that no guards are on duty. Craig ribs Jay about his wrinkled uniform.
Jay sips coffee and doesn't mind.

11:21 Jay and Craig are Jawing and sipping coffee wile Randy sets the tower up. It is very windy, nobody is on the beach. The tide is way out, there is almost a kilometer of tide flats. Jay figures if anyone wanted to go swimming they would have had to start walking about the time Jay left the house.

This thought amuses Jason.

11:25 Jay is wrapping his radio in plastic. He uses lots of tape. Plastic and tape cheap... radio expensive. Jay is pleased with his logic.

11:30 It seems to be a nice quiet morning. Jay flips off the red light and heads down the beach to the Centre tower. Randy is there looking out past the flats at a black dot in the channel. Jay grabs the binos.

11:31 Jay is running full sprint across the tide flats pulling the lifeguard scupper behind him.
The scupper is heavy but Jay doesn't notice.
Mud and tide pools splash everywhere. Jay's wrinkly uniform is getting muddy, Jay notices because the mud is slimy and gritty. Randy is on the radio declaring a rescue.

11:39 It takes a long time to get to the victim, Jay is very winded. As he approaches he asseses the situation. It is a red haired woman with a spattering of freckles, she is clinging to her kite-board with one hand. She isn't waring a PFD, and seems to have be partially wrapped in her submerged lines. She is tangled and can't free herself. It is a miracle she is alive, if she had lost her grip on her board she would have slipped under and drowned long before anyone could reach her. They are way out in the channel, closer to the freighters than the shore. The wind is strong and the water is choppy.

Jay doesn't think much of the woman's intelligence.

11:40 Jay manuvres his scupper behind the victim, but the wind and waves are making it difficult keeping the scupper in position. He gives the woman his rescue can and tells her to stay calm, and that everything will be allright.

Jay still doesn't think much of the woman's intelligence.

11:41 Jay calls the tower. "Kits tower, Kits Tower Locarno mobile" His lungs are burning from the sprint out here. He is glad he used alot of tape because his radio works. He relays his position and situation.

Jay still continues to not think much of the woman's intelligence as he waits for the response.

The tower calls Jericho rescue.

11:42 The tower radios Jay. Apparently it is still too early for Jericho rescue to be on the water. They are launching now but their ETA is 30 minutes. Jay is buisy untangling the woman from her wayward kite so he doesn't answer right away. He thinks from now on he is going to cary a pocket knife at work. Nylon lines are a bitch.

11:45 Jay has freed the woman from her kite and has her on the can towing her into Jericho beach (he incomming current has carried them a long way Locarno is now a full kilometer behind them)

12:00 Jay and the hot, yet not particularly intelligent kite surfer arrive at Jericho. Jay relays his position to the tower. Her boyfriend is freaking out having followed from Locarno onshore.
Apparently he doesn't swim at all, Jay wonders if Darwin was onto something...
Jay tries to catch his breath but fails miserably. He calms the guy down as he asseses the womans condition, and checks level of consciousness, ABC's and secondary drowning, Once he is sure she is OK and that an ambulance isn't required he educates them about the importance of wearing a pfd and makes the boyfriend swear to take her to the hospital to get checked out.

12:20 Jay paddles into the wind back to Locarno. It takes him a long time.


12:30 Jay arrives back at Locarno beach and drags the scupper back into position on the tide flats. He can smell himself... a combination of armpit and sea salt. He did his job, and he feels good about himself that he was capable. He also thinks he could have done better and resolves to shake up his workout routine with a bit more cardio.

1:00 Craig rotates Jay off and Jay has to do the paperwork. While he was gone Randy put a bottle of Tequila in Jay's locker. Randy thinks it is pretty funny. Craig promises to buy Jason a beer after work. Jason likes this.

...Jay hates paperwork.

1:30 Jay's bro Alex calls. He is going to come down after he is done work and bring stuff to BBQ. Jay is happy in the face.

2:00 People are angry that the concession isn't open, the beach-goers are hungry. Jason doesn't work in the concession and can't do anything about it. He wonders where the concession guy is.

2:30 A rookie guard named Mike shows up and Craig tells Jason to give him the orientation. The rookie is all nervous and jittery. Jason makes him paddle to the mile marker and back... twice.

2:35 Jason is putting a band aid on a pretty girl in hoochie purple sunglasses. She flirts shamelessly with him. Her boyfriend looks irritated in the extreme. Jay is used to flirtyness at work. He wonders in an abstract and offhand way why he never got this much attention as a gas jockey.

2:40 Jay says goodbye to flirty beach hooch and irritated boyfriend in his most professional grown-up voice.

3:00 John Hardy Jay's friend shows up and we go three towers on. It is getting busy.

3:30 Alex shows up meandering down the beach, no shirt on happily getting rid of his T-shirt tan. He hangs out for a bit, talks with me watches me guard these kids as they swim to and from the raft. He tells me about this book he is reading.

4:00 Jason goes on dinner break. Al & Jay fire up the BBQ and throw down with some jumbo dogs, ruffles, Oj, and antipasto. We have a important conversation about Jay's future and how the ripple effect will disseminate through the fam, Al in particular.

4:45 Alex's phone rings. Eliz is looking for us to show us her new car. Alex puts his shirt on because he is ashamed of his tatoo and helps Jay clean up.

5:00 Elizabeth shows up in a brand new Honda Del Sol. Jason misses his drivers license.

6:00 Jay goes out to his tower and guards, the sun is descending on the horizon and the glare is terrible. The heat rays come up from the glare and down from the sun in a wicked angle that seeps under his umbrella and tilley hat. Jay feels like he is sitting in a microwave.

6:25 Jay is out of water in his bottle.

7:40 Jay is still on his tower starting to get lightheaded. The bump is 40 minutes late. He calls on the radio for a rotation before he loses his ability to focus. Jay knows it is bad politics to call on the radio for rotation because it points out that someone isn't doing thier job. Their are too many kids, so he does it anyway.

8:00 Jay and Mike start the clean up. Oil the boats, pull down the signs, bring in the dog water bowl, sweep the guard station, start putting equipment away, check the crash kit and o2 levels, write the daily shift log and stat reports and file them in the out box.
This includes Jay's rescue report.

9:00 Jay's co-workers take him out for a beer for his rescue. Jay invites Alex because he is around the beach someplace.

9:45 We arrive at The Beach Rugby club. We have three or four rounds of Keiths India Pale Ale. John and Craig pay for the whole thing, even Jay's kid brother Alex's.

10:30 James called Jay. Apparently it was quiet at Second Beach. Jay appreciates the irony.

11:30 James shows up and has a few shots with Jay. James pays for it.

12:25 Jay arrives at home, strips naked and has a cool shower. The coolness feels good, after all the time in the sun, and heat. Jay washes his hair, his head is itchy from sand... Jay wonders briefly how sand could possibly have gotten into his hair.

12:26 Jay is watching his hair-sand go down the drain. Jay likes his life.

12:30 Jay has a cup of mint tea and reads for a while.

12:50 Lorena calls and tells Jay about her day. Lorena makes Jay smile alot.

1:00 Jay goes back to his peaceful-sleepy-love.

Jay is happy. He likes that he does something with his life that he is good at that means something. He is poor, but he doesn't care. Someone is in the world because he showed up at work.

Life is good.
Friday, August 25th, 2006
10:05 am
Bronze Medallion course
My brain is ready to explode, and I think I'm getting scoliosis :D I've been sitting in this chair organizing and finding reference/demonstration materials for my upcoming Bronze Medallion course. It's my first, so of course, I'm extremely paranoid.

I have 4 days, which works out to three 1.5 hr sessions (roughly). I have to remind myself to try to keep it simple, but make sure I go over everything neccessary, and have lots of time for experimentation and practice. When I took these classes, it was all very methodical, and I want to try to impress more of a "this is a personal choice, a lifestyle" etc. to my students. Build their personality for it, not just give them algorithms..
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
7:18 am
We're starting a new swin program at my gym and are trying to think of ways to get the service desk to promote it.

For example; we have a boot camp class so they wore camo hats , we have a kids hip-hop class so they wore bunny ears... etc etc

We thought about goggles...but those seem a bit impractical...i thought aboutlifeguard visors...a bit expensive...

any thoughts?
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
10:29 am
Questions again!
I am doing a practice for the role of "Pivot Lifeguard" (when the pool gets busy, we station a lifeguard in a chair to oversee communications between guards) and I was wondering what sort of information might be useful to put on a handout.
Thursday, November 17th, 2005
11:24 pm
First week at WP in retrospect
WP=W---- pool, where I have been working this past week. First of all, I just want to say what an awesome pool, and a really great opportunity I have to work there instead of CGP at this point. Great staff, which have been, in my impression, supportive and inclusive! So far, I've done most of the usual tasks, and generally felt successful. Of course there are aspects that require more time, learning and experience- like teaching and admission (cash/till duties, passes, phone PR etc.).
I'm really trying to be as positive as possible with this journey, but I definitly feel frustration with the teaching aspect of this job. there. thats out!
It's ironic, that of the 8 or so new guards hired for the city, the ones that got the teaching sets were the two of us who JUST certed our LSI's on Sept.09.
I'm still not sure why. Maybe to get us up to speed, that's what I'm guessing.
It's definitly stress though. I'm really thankful my "supervisor" co-teaches my first two classes with me. I should say for me. She does most my class. In a way, I really love it because it takes the weight off me for the whole four classes I have to teach. In another way, I don't get much time to reflect, or lead, and I'm feeling really self-conscious and doubting myself more for it.
So The first two classes, my most smallest swimmers (4) and my most "proficient" swimmers are taught by her with me tagging along- and then my last two classes- 2 or 3 girls in one class, and 6 in the other, are taught entirely by myself. My confidence peaked after the first day (I Lived!!) and really waned after the second (What the heck am I doing?!). I really felt choked, and don't want to complain too much, but instead show a "stong" face- but I wish I knew more and performed better honestly.
And it's a little weird having all the parents staring at me while i mess up.
Yeah, anyways.
I need to straighten my ducks up and get them ready for another show next week, starting monday. I'm definitly not 100% healthy which adds injury to insult, on top of that I still have parental obligations so when I'm not working I'm still working. Transitions. Gah. OK. Whine over.
Wacky wednesday was a complete blast. And the ray of sunshine was that one of my little girls (from lessons) gave me the sweetest look of adoration, like look at me, I'm swimming like a mermaid like you showed us today!
That, in a word, ROCKED >^.^
Saturday, November 12th, 2005
8:15 pm
Finswimming training?
Anyone have a finswimming training routine? Anyone been specifically coached in finswimming?

I make mine up as I go, and I have never been coached. I'm thinking about checking out a coach in a neighbouring city, and then possibly starting something here. Finswimming practice has so many applications....

So what are your thoughts?!
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
12:20 am
Move over Hercules, meet Robbie Dyke!
"Go Rob Go! In a world where we consatntly hear news of death, destruction,wars, and the price of gas, it's so refreshing to have a real HERO, a real live role model we can all look up to and admire! God bless and may the tides be with you and your fine support crew." -chris wille on August 27, 2005 11:34 pm

"Dear Rob, I can't image how immense the ocean must feel right now. A cold, rolling wall of waves all around you must be tough to take as you swim to save lives. Thank you for getting in the water now when it's so inhospitable. We are so in need of your heart and the inspiration you send ricocheting around the country so people will stop think about water safety. Warm regards, Bonny Braden"

September 28, 2005

Island Aquathon Back in Victoria

VICTORIA- After spending the summer swimming around Vancouver Island, Rob Dyke is positioned to return to Victoria Sunday October 2nd at 3:00 p.m. Completing his “aquatic marathon,” Dyke and the Island Aquathon Team will be swimming ashore at Clover Point, where their journey began at the end of June.

While the swim is coming to a close, Dyke’s motivation is not waning. Dyke is swimming around Vancouver Island to raise money for Red Cross water safety education programs. His goal is to leave a legacy – once Dyke reaches dry land, his efforts to bring awareness and raise funds will continue.

“Throughout the swim, I have visited many communities that have been touched by water-related accidents and deaths,” commented Dyke. “I want to raise funds so these communities can access much needed water safety education programs.”

At the end, Dyke’s journey will have covered 1400 kilometres. He will be the first person to successfully swim around Vancouver Island.

The public is invited to join the Canadian Red Cross in welcoming Dyke back to Victoria.

To find out more about Dyke’s journey around Vancouver Island log on to: www.islandaquathon.ca.
Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
12:03 pm
Can anyone reccomend any good games to play with kids? I have several different levels.

I have Pike/Perch with Parent, so stuff like "Wheels on the Bus" and "Humpty Dumpty" would be helpful.

I also have regular Pike classes... I want to make it fun for the kids, but I'm low on resources!

EEL, Minnow they're a little bigger, and their skills have increased. We've played "Mr. Jellyfish," "Sharks & Minnows," and "Colors."

Any games/songs/activites would be greatly appreciated!!!


Monday, October 3rd, 2005
5:19 pm
Job/wet interview jitters
I'm so nervous/excited! I just got called back today for a casual/on-call lifeguarding position(through the city) at the largest indoor pool here in town (50m, kiddie pool, waterslide, 2 hottubs, sauna). I haven't worked as a guard for *years* and even when I did it was at the waterslides. Besides trying to keep my cool and remember as much as I can, is there any advice from those who've done hiring of guards?

(x-posted to lifeguarding)
2:45 pm
Fairly New Member, First Post!!
Hi all! I'm not tooooo new to this community, but I did feel that today would be a really great day to contribute!!

I serve as a secretary/cashier/other things for our city's Rec. Dept., and our office is at our Indoor Pool.

**ninja** Today's story is about the pool parking lot. Mods, please feel free to delteet this if it isn't quite on-topic....

Best parking lot drama ever.


Our lot is pretty big. Half of it is marked for our patron use, the rest is open. We have little warning slips for people and HS students who use our marked spots during pool hours. They WILL be towed after an hour.

It's really fun, because we're right across the way from the new HS building, and the parking lot for the new building is super-duper small and hard to navigate.

It's also really fun at 2 pm, because that's when afternoon adult lap gets out, and high school, too.


3 people parked in all of our handicapped spots. Called CSO Rogers out to the lot early, because none of these people would move for me.

School lets out. He's directing the traffic away from the entrance closest to out building. People are just going to the other side of the lot to pull in and wait for their kids. A guy in a dualie with a giant tow trailer pulls in, and blocks the second entrance, because people are trying to get out and in and he didn't make the turn right.

So CSO Rogers went to deal with that.

While he was on the other side of the lot, a guy in a maroon car pulls up, and parks in our emergency vehicle area. A BIG NO-NO.



And before I can go out to tell him, the phone rings, and I spen ten minutes on the line with a lady who is asking questions about our brochure (which is incredibly self-explanatory and easy to read, I made it that way...). So suddenly the guy is gone.

And CSO Rogers come in asking if I saw where the guy went.


So he goes to deal with another person backed into the handicapped spot around the corner of the building. He's arguing with them, and writes them a ticket. (the others before got citations.)

I'm trying to figure out if I should call Sandra (my boss) and let her know that the police may come and tow this guy's car and other things (statements and whatnot), when a little Amigo pulls up, the guy gets out and the Amigo drives off.

The guy walks over to his car, lugging a gallon of gas.

**dies laughing**

CSO Rogers walks over to make sure this is the guy who belongs to the car, and they joke.

Seriously. This is the best parking lot drama I've had in a while. Second only to the time Headstart sectioned off the other half of the lot for their Family Day celebration.

Current Mood: ROFLWAFFLE
Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
3:30 pm
I am desperately searching for guards and instructors to start ASAP in the Hartford, CT area. Good pay, your choice of hours.

www.swimcornerstone.com or call 860-521-3242

Great job if you're in school, in between jobs, or just really like to guard and teach!

Cross Posted to a few places!

ETA - Woo-hoo we're finally staffed!
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