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Move over Hercules, meet Robbie Dyke!

"Go Rob Go! In a world where we consatntly hear news of death, destruction,wars, and the price of gas, it's so refreshing to have a real HERO, a real live role model we can all look up to and admire! God bless and may the tides be with you and your fine support crew." -chris wille on August 27, 2005 11:34 pm

"Dear Rob, I can't image how immense the ocean must feel right now. A cold, rolling wall of waves all around you must be tough to take as you swim to save lives. Thank you for getting in the water now when it's so inhospitable. We are so in need of your heart and the inspiration you send ricocheting around the country so people will stop think about water safety. Warm regards, Bonny Braden"

September 28, 2005

Island Aquathon Back in Victoria

VICTORIA- After spending the summer swimming around Vancouver Island, Rob Dyke is positioned to return to Victoria Sunday October 2nd at 3:00 p.m. Completing his “aquatic marathon,” Dyke and the Island Aquathon Team will be swimming ashore at Clover Point, where their journey began at the end of June.

While the swim is coming to a close, Dyke’s motivation is not waning. Dyke is swimming around Vancouver Island to raise money for Red Cross water safety education programs. His goal is to leave a legacy – once Dyke reaches dry land, his efforts to bring awareness and raise funds will continue.

“Throughout the swim, I have visited many communities that have been touched by water-related accidents and deaths,” commented Dyke. “I want to raise funds so these communities can access much needed water safety education programs.”

At the end, Dyke’s journey will have covered 1400 kilometres. He will be the first person to successfully swim around Vancouver Island.

The public is invited to join the Canadian Red Cross in welcoming Dyke back to Victoria.

To find out more about Dyke’s journey around Vancouver Island log on to:
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